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Description Edit

Mine was a member of Night Raid and partner of Tatsumi, the latter she often quarrelled with. She is killed by Esdeath during a rescue mission to prevent Tatsumi's execution.

Her Imperial Arm, Pumpkin, is a large, directed energy sniper rifle which delivers firepower based on her motivation.

Mine's character follows that of the tsundere template very closely, staying cold and bitter against Tatsumi until the very beginning of their relationship. Arguably, her character is most true to its 'dere' counterpart, on par with General Esdeath's Yandere character template.

Appearance Edit

Mine possesses odd characteristics such as pink hair and pink eyes. Matching these attributes, she is often seen wearing a pink dress with matching boots along with a pair of pink bows that she wears in her twin pigtails. She's very uptight about her undeveloped breasts, and is quick to snap at those who insult her for it, namely Chelsea.

Episode 6 Edit

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Interestingly, Mine's main non-tsundere characteristic is her desire to avenge Sheele following her death, considerably more so than any other member of Night Raid. Any extraneous connection between Sheele and Mine is never touched upon, her rage when confronted with Sheele's death is left up to the viewer's discretion.