Akame is a member of Night Raid and the cover person of the series. She is one of the first Night Raid members introduced and presumably the last surviving.


Appearance Edit

Akame has long, black hair along with, curiously, a pair of red eyes. She often wears a black uniform consisting a blouse, skirt and blood red tie. Despite being rather thin in stature, Akame is one of the most able bodied members of Night Raid,

Episode 1 Edit

Akame is first introduced during a raid on a sadistic family protected by the government. Tatsumi, unknowing of what he was protecting, attempted to fend off Akame but was ultimately outmatched. As he was willing to fight to the death, Akame decided to show him what people he really was defending by opening a nearby warehouse door and revealing the tortured innocents the family were willing to add him too later, which included his missing friends. After Tatsumi kills the girl he was protecting in a fit of rage, Akame is joined by the other members of Night Raid, who decide that Tatsumi is worth recruiting.